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We love showing our customers the value of working with an Insurance Broker, and are thrilled when they send us feedback!

It was quick and easy. The broker was knowledgeable and went over everything with me in terms I understood.

- Melanie S.

I loved how helpful Corie was in the process of giving me a new policy! I can’t thank her enough!

- Madeleine D.

Easy to work with, low price.

- Stephanie C.

Corie was super quick to help out. She explained everything so that I could understand and did all the communications with the dealership so I had an easy time picking up my new car!

- Jade

The agent on the phone was polite. knowledgeable and efficient.

- Carolyn S.

Prompt attention to request.

- Marianne M.

Extremely helpful service. I have been with this company for over 10 years.

- Cindy H.

I received my residential insurance renewal in plenty of time to review before the due date.

- Phil S.

Always available to clarify any issues.

- Bonnie C.

Great customer service.

- Mike R.

Very prompt replies to questions or requests and excellent explanations.

- Elaine H.

Serena and everyone we have worked with has always been so helpful!

- Lindsay H.

When I reached out with a question, the agent responded very quickly with what I needed.
- Tracy G.

Efficient service.

- Julia N.

We have been working with our broker, Serena, for quite a few years, and the service we have received has been exceptional. The service has been excellent, and our needs have always been addressed in a timely manner. We’re looking forward to working with our new broker, Derek!

- Carrie C.

Good customer service.

- Victoria C.

Darren’s reply to my request to reinsure our car came in less than five minutes! I wasn’t expecting such a quick response. That’s the way to do business.

- Richard M.

Fast response.

- LoriAnn P.

Always there when you need them.

- Monica K.

Prompt responses to emails and voicemails.

- Michelle L.

The people I’ve dealt with are easy to deal with and knowledgeable.

- Marc R.

Customer service was great.

- Lindsey N.

Susan was very prompt and efficient. She listened to my problem and found the solution that satisfied me. Thanks.

- Angelina R.

Quick, polite responses.

- James D.

I liked the reminder for payment and the easy enrollment process.

- Lorraine K.

I have enjoyed friendly service and sensible recommendations.

- Sue F.

Fast, great service.

- Neil K.

You’re very good and helpful to clients. You take all the stress of insurance and make is so simple. Just keep doing what your amazing workers do.

- Courtney G.

Good customer service.

- Bill P.

Corrie was amazing to work with.

- Iris J.

Corrie was awesome. She took the time to answer all of my concerns and get me the best price and have all my insurance needs met. I’m a happy customer.

- Heather

Chris was very helpful. He answers his phone and explains everything I need to do. He made it easy and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you, Chris.

- Robert W.

I am a broker transferring my stuff to your office because a friend and former co-worker works there. You also represent the Commonwell, and they are a great insurance company. I say once you get in at the Commonwell, you never go anywhere else. Their pricing is amazing.

- Anne M.

My recent experience was over the phone with Katie Seguin. I don’t even know where to begin. She quickly helped me out, answered all my questions, and gave me reassurance. This is why I love the Insurance Store and especially Katie Seguin. She takes care of ALL my concerns and makes me feel good about it. I have never had such an easy experience until now. Great place and better employees. Thank you, Katie.

- Youssef H.

They always respond within a reasonable amount of time. Very helpful.

- Annette J.

I appreciate Shawn Stephens’ attention to detail and his approach to our insurance needs.

- Robyn P.

Informative and quick response.

- Marilyn G.

My agent, Laurie Scutt, is the best.

- Rita M.

Informative and quick response. Very professional. I can’t suggest any changes.

- Marilyn G.

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