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Personal Insurance, Windsor, ON

Some types of insurance, like vehicle insurance, are required in Windsor, Ontario. Other types of insurance, like home insurance, are not actually mandatory (though mortgage companies are likely to require it).


Protect the things you love the most from the unexpected with personal insurance options.

Personal Insurance in Windsor, Ontario

However, the last thing you want to do is leave your large financial assets and loved ones at risk by not having the personal insurance policies in place that you need to protect them properly from life’s unknown and potentially unfortunate circumstances.

At Insurance Store, we can help protect the things you love the most from the unexpected with personal insurance options, including:

  • Vehicle Insurance: There are many different elements to vehicle insurance, from liability to collision and more. You don’t have to figure out what coverage you need on your own. We can ask you questions and make sure you have the options you need.
  • Home Insurance: Protect your home and its contents from liability suits and unforeseen weather events or even a fire. We can help you determine what options and coverage are best for you.
  • Leisure & Lifestyle Insurance: We can help with your unique insurance needs, including insurance for boats and other watercraft, special events insurance, travel trailer insurance, and more.
  • Identity Protection Insurance: Most types of insurance have been around for a long time, but identity protection coverage is fairly new. Avoid potential costs and headaches associated with identity theft by protecting yourself and your loved ones now.

We can help protect the things you love the most

Each person’s needs for personal insurance are unique, and our insurance specialists are standing by to help you figure out what coverage options best meet your needs. Contact us now to discuss your situation.

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