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Small Business Insurance Tips for Home-Based Businesses: Part 1

HomeBlogSmall Business Insurance Tips for Home-Based Businesses: Part 1

Small business start-ups and self-employment opportunities continue to grow in Canada and are poised to make up a huge part of the Canadian economy as time goes on. If you’re self-employed or a small business owner, you understand how many things you need to navigate on a day-to-day basis.

Small Business Insurance Tips for Home-Based Businesses: Part 1

The good news is that there are lots of other people out there just like you. Did you know that there are often municipal and provincial resources to help you as a self-employed person or small business owner? Check with your town or municipal office to see if they run free seminars, networking groups or other types of information sessions to help you succeed. There may also be resources to help you learn new skills and secure funding, depending on your location and what type of business you run.

Your municipality can also advise you on questions like:

  • Can I operate a home-based business without a permit?
  • How many people can work out of my home-based business?
  • What types of businesses can be run from home?
  • What if my business is in my garage or an outbuilding?
  • Can I put up a sign?
  • What if I want to open a B&B or a business that prepares and sells food?

The answers to the above questions will vary depending on your local by-laws, but a call to town hall or your local business development centre is a great place to start. For more tips on small, home-based business insurance, please contact us today at Insurance Store.

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