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Personal insurance rates will be seeing a rise from the end of 2023 and into 2024. Personal home insurance in Ontario may increase by an average of 4% varying by region, while personal auto insurance in Ontario may increase by an average of 5% varying by region.

Home and auto insurance rates in Ontario are rising in 2023-2024.

The landscape of personal insurance is evolving, and the trajectory isn’t as smooth as one might hope. As we step into 2024, recent events continue to shape the world of insurance, bringing about a significant reality check for homeowners and drivers alike: insurance rates are climbing, and the forecast doesn’t promise a return to lower costs.


The Covid Impact and the Rebound

A purely-representative graph showing how Ontario insurance rates will continue to increase into 2024 after a temporary reduction throughout Covid-19.

From 2019 to 2021, the pandemic led to a lull in insurance claims, prompting insurers to offer rebates to their customers. However, as the world rebounds from the pandemic, insurance claims have surged back, and costs are following suit.


Property Insurance in Ontario

Canada faces recurrent severe weather events, and this has been a key factor behind the surge in property insurance claim costs. From flooding to windstorms and wildfires, these events have substantially impacted insurers, and the trends indicate a continuation into 2024.

Inflation, alongside labor shortages, poses challenges, contributing to increased costs of building materials and labor. Water-related coverage remains a concern in specific regions, affecting its availability and affordability.


Auto Insurance in Ontario

Auto insurance isn’t exempt from these shifts. The return of auto claims to pre-pandemic levels combined with higher repair costs for modern vehicles has led to an increase in insurance rates.

While supply chain issues are gradually improving, potential government interventions to curb inflation may further affect insurance rates. The rising costs of used vehicles and auto parts are also contributing to the overall surge.

Home insurance could increase in 2024 by 4%, varying by location in Ontario, with home insurance increasing around 5% on average varying by location across Ontario.

The Numbers: What to Expect

For Ontario, projections indicate an average increase of 5% on auto rates and 4% on personal property rates, both varying by location. However, this isn’t isolated to Ontario alone; it’s a trend sweeping across Canada, impacting rates as we move through 2024.

Navigating Forward

In the midst of these changes, insurance brokers play a crucial role. They offer guidance, helping individuals navigate this evolving landscape. Whether it’s understanding rate changes, seeking quotes, or exploring options, brokers are there to assist in making informed decisions.

The year ahead seems marked by rising insurance costs. From the resurgence in claims post-pandemic to various contributing factors, the outlook remains challenging. However, staying informed and seeking advice from insurance brokers can be instrumental in navigating this period of increasing insurance costs.

A Changing Landscape

In summary, 2024 is witnessing a rise in insurance costs. Factors such as the rebound in claims post-Covid and multiple contributing elements are driving this surge. Yet, amidst these changes, seeking guidance from Insurance Store and staying informed are essential strategies to navigate this period of escalating insurance costs. Don’t let the uncertainty of insurance rates prevent you from getting the best advice, the best coverage and the best service from Insurance Store. Get a quote online today to get started on your tailored personal insurance policy.

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