Online Tenant Insurance



If you’re renting an apartment or a house, make sure you protect all your stuff – it’s worth way more than you might think. We’ll give you a no-hassle quote right away. You can get affordable insurance online in just a few minutes. Get insured now for as low as $277/year.


As a tenant, you’re on the hook for damage to your place beyond wear and tear. This stuff isn’t fun to think about, but we’ll make sure you’re protected if you accidentally flood the bathroom or start a fire that spreads to other parts of your building. Check out the FAQ below to see exactly what Tenant Insurance covers and what it doesn’t.


We get it – you’ve got a hectic schedule and don’t have time to answer a million questions. Your Way Tenants insurance is designed to get you from quote to covered with just a few clicks. You can get awesome protection for your stuff online without the hassle.


We’re not going to judge you for shopping for insurance at 2 am. Heck, that’s why we’re here. Insurance your way means you can get coverage wherever you are, any time of day.

Tenant Insurance – What You Should Know

Lots of renters mistakenly believe that they’re protected by their landlord’s insurance. But did you know that if you rent your home, your stuff isn’t covered under your landlord’s policy?

For less than a dollar a day, our tenant insurance coverage protects the things that matter most to you – like your bed, your computer, your bike and your clothing – while also providing coverage if you accidentally cause harm to someone else or their property.

Buying tenant insurance online is quick and easy. Just answer a few questions and you’ll get three customized package options with a breakdown of what’s included. Want to personalize your coverage even more? No problem! You can tailor your package by picking and choosing your coverages and limits.

If you’re living with your immediate family – such as your spouse, children, parents or grandparents – then our tenant insurance is likely a great fit for you.

If you’re living with roommates, you can have two (2) roommates that are closely related to you (such as a sibling.) You can have one (1) roommate that’s not related to you. 

If you have more than one unrelated roommate, give our Insurance Specialists a call and they’ll get you the coverage that’s just right for you.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the online process and purchase your coverage.

Coverage starts as low as $277/year – that’s less than a dollar a day. The cost of your specific policy depends on a few different factors like where you live, the type of home you live in (house, condo or apartment) and the age of your home.

As soon as you finish your purchase, we’ll email you your insurance documents so you’re protected right away.

To get the best price and the right coverage, we’ll need some basic information about you and where you live. 

Other questions you may need to answer include:

  • When would you need your coverage to start?
  • What type of home are you renting? (Apartment, condo, townhouse or house) 
  • How many floors does your home or apartment building have?
  • What is the age of your home or apartment building? 
  • What is the total value of the property in your home?

Please keep in mind that the types of questions you’ll need to answer may vary depending on the type of home you rent and the amount of coverage you need.

You sure can. Just click on “Save & Continue” at the bottom of the screen and type your email address in the prompt. We’ll send you a personalized link so that you can pick up where you left off.

Each renter is unique, and some may have more complex insurance needs. If you answered our questions but didn’t get a quote, talk to one of our Insurance Specialists. They’ll be sure to get you the perfect coverage.

That’s entirely up to you! You can customize your insurance by choosing coverages and limits that make sense for you. Some of the coverages available include:

  • Personal Property coverage – protects your belongings.
  • Personal Liability coverage – protects you if someone is accidently injured in your home or if you’ve accidently damaged someone else’s property.
  • Sewer Backup coverage – pays for damage to your home due to the backup of water through sewers and drains.
  • Earthquake coverage – pays for damage to your home due to an earthquake.

Definitely! Our tenant insurance includes protection for your belongings even when they’re outside of your home, like in your car.

You can pay by Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Call our Insurance Specialists at 1-833-745-0299. They’ll lead you through the claims process and make sure you’re taken care of every step of the way.