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Not-for-Profit Liability Insurance

Lawsuits happen to not-for-profits too

With not-for-profit liability insurance, you can protect your organization and the people who help make its daily operations go smoothly.

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Protect what you love from what you don’t love: the unexpected

What if you are suddenly named in a lawsuit?

Legal action can be taken against not-for-profits too. Not-for-profit liability insurance can help cover the legal costs.

What if your organization filed for bankruptcy?

Your organization filed for bankruptcy. Officers or board members could be held personally responsible for money owed. Insurance can help cover costs.

What if a donor takes you to court?

A donor feels their monetary donation has been misused by the organization. Not-for-profit liability insurance can help offset legal costs.

Hot tip:

Everyone can be held accountable

Did you know that people at all levels of a not-for-profit organization can be held liable in the event of legal action?

From volunteer to committee member to board chair or officer, there’s a personal liability risk if legal action is ever taken against the organization. Just like many businesses, not-for-profit organizations are held to local and federal legal regulations. So there’s always a possibility that a not-for-profit may find itself dealing with legal repercussions.

We understand that supporting your preferred charitable organizations is important to you. But we also believe that having protection for your personal assets is vital. Not-for-profit liability insurance can help offset or cover legal costs.

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Why does a not-for-profit organization need insurance?
Not-for-profit and charitable organizations support important causes. But, like other businesses, they aren’t immune to operational risks and potential legal action being taken.

Did you know that people at all levels of a not-for-profit organization can be held liable in the event of legal action?

With not-for-profit liability insurance, you can protect your organization and the people who work there. We understand that going through not-for-profit insurance requirements can bring up lots of questions and concerns.

Fortunately, our experienced team can answer those questions and can help you find the right not-for-profit liability insurance policy that gives everyone peace of mind.

What is the benefit of working with an insurance broker?
Think of us like your insurance partner. We only work for you, not for an insurance company. We’ll help you build a policy that suits your needs. We know every insurance situation is unique, so we know the important questions and will learn about you to make sure your policy gives you the protection you need.

We’ll also cut through the industry jargon to make sure you understand your policy, and help you navigate optional coverages to recommend additional options you may want or need.

With business and not-for-profit liability insurance especially, there are a lot of options, and it can be overwhelming to research. An insurance broker will help you build the right policy for your situation. As your needs change, your broker will also help you update your policy, so you stay covered.

An insurance broker is also aware of discounts offered by insurance companies and can recommend combining products to save you time and money. In fact, some insurance companies and their products are only available through an insurance broker. Bottom line? We can save you money too. Working with an insurance broker can give you added peace of mind because you’re protected in case something unexpected happens.

How much does not-for-profit liability insurance cost?
Your not-for-profit liability insurance policy will be customized for you and your scenario because every organization and situation is unique. Some factors that impact the cost of your policy can include:

  • Company size
  • How much liability coverage you need
What do I do if I have to file a claim?
If you need to file a claim, it’s okay, don’t worry, we’ll do it with you. We know accidents and claims happen, we’ve seen and heard it all. As your insurance partner and advocate, we will help you through it. Call us at +1 (833 ) 745-0299 and we’ll be here to help you navigate the situation, 24/7.

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