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Plumbers Insurance

Onsite accidents are a reality.
Luckily, so is hassle-free plumbers insurance.

Our business pros will help you get the coverage you need with access to a wide range of commercial insurance providers and products. Think of us like your insurance partner. Get started with a quick quote for plumbers insurance and get back to business, fast. Smooth, simple, as painless as possible.

Your Coverage Shouldn’t Have Leaks.

Yup, we fix those too.


Your client comes to look at your plumbing work, and they get injured. What happens now?

Damages can occur because of accidents involving your plumbing business. Plumbers insurance can protect you financially.

Plumbing tools aren't cheap. What if they got stolen?

You locked the truck, but your tools still got stolen. You can’t do your job without your tools. Luckily, your plumbers insurance can help replace those tools and get you back on the job quicker.

What if your company is named in a lawsuit?

Sometimes people make mistakes. Faulty installation of plumbing can cause a lot of water damage, which can lead to a lawsuit. Fortunately, plumbers insurance can even help cover the legal expenses.

Get Plumbers Insurance Coverage

No matter the size of plumbing business, one person or a thousand, plumbing contractors and businesses need the right insurance to make sure they have protection for the risks involved with doing their jobs. We have in-house Plumbing Business Insurance Specialists who will help you get the protection you need, right now. Want a policy review? We can do that too. Ask for a hassle-free quote and we’ll show you why Insurance Store is just better.

Skilled trades insurance costs and coverages

Contractors Equipment Floater Coverage

Protects your equipment, other than tools, from hazards or events covered under your policy when at your business or on a project site.

Commercial General Liability Coverage for Plumbers

Covers you in case injuries or damages occur as a result of your plumbing business operations.

Additional Coverages for Plumbers Insurance

We’re a Plumbers Insurance Broker

Talk to an Insurance Store broker to get the right advice about your plumbers insurance. Our specialists can help tailor the coverage to your specific needs and ensure you are adequately protected.

Commercial Property Insurance for Plumbers

This policy provides financial coverage for physical loss or damage to your property and its physical contents due to theft, vandalism, or an external disaster such as a fire.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Plumbers

If you use a vehicle for work purposes, it must be insured under a commercial auto insurance policy, even if you work out of your home.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Protects your equipment from sudden damage. Equipment breakdown insurance differs from commercial property insurance because the latter only protects equipment that is damaged by external sources, like a fire.

Business Interruption Insurance

This type of insurance covers operating expenses, a move to a temporary location if necessary, payroll, taxes, and loan payments if your business is interrupted due to a disaster.

Tools, Equipment, and Inventory Coverage

As a plumber, your tools of the trade are one of the most important assets you have. This insurance protects your tools and equipment if stolen while on your premises.

Crime Insurance for Plumbers

Also known as commercial crime, fidelity insurance, and employee dishonesty insurance, crime insurance protects your plumbing business from financial losses incurred by various acts of theft, forgery, and fraud.

Professional Liability Insurance for Plumbers

Also known as errors and omissions insurance, professional liability coverage protects you from client claims alleging financial loss due to negligence, misconduct, failure to deliver services as promised, or bad advice.

Cyber Insurance for Plumbers

If you use a computer system as part of your business operations, then you should have cyber insurance coverage. This policy protects your plumbing company in case you are hacked and valuable information is lost.


Why do I need plumbers insurance?

Even if you’re an individual plumber or run a small plumbing business, having insurance is crucial to safeguard your tools, equipment, and operations against unexpected incidents. Should your tools get stolen or damaged, you need to ensure your policy covers the full replacement cost, including sales tax, to avoid any out-of-pocket expenses.

How can I determine if my insurance coverage is suitable for my plumbing business?

We can assist with that! Whether you’re a residential plumber or a commercial contractor, we can find the right coverage tailored to your business needs. With access to numerous insurance providers and a deep understanding of commercial insurance, we help a wide range of trades, including:

  • Residential and commercial plumbing
  • Master plumbers
  • Plumbing subcontractors
  • And more

Don’t see your specialty listed? Contact our Insurance Specialists at 1-833-745-0299 or request a quick quote. We’ll ensure you get the coverage you need.

How much does plumbers insurance cost?

The cost of your insurance policy depends on several factors unique to your business, such as the type of plumbing services you provide, the size of your team, and your annual revenue. Each business is different, and so are the coverage needs.

What information do I need to get a quote for plumbers insurance?

To provide you with an accurate quote and the right coverage, we’ll need some basic information about your business. These questions may include:

  • When do you need the coverage to start?
  • What plumbing services does your business offer?
  • Do you subcontract any work?
  • What is the structure of your business? (Are you a sole proprietor or part of a partnership?)

The specifics may vary based on your business and the insurance package you require. Speak with one of our Insurance Specialists to get the perfect coverage for your needs. Start with a quick quote.

What should I do if I need to file a claim?

If you need to file a claim, don’t worry, we’re here to help. As your insurance partner, we’ll assist you throughout the entire process. Call us at 1-833-745-0299, and we’ll support you every step of the way, available 24/7.

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