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Errors and Omissions
Insurance, Ontario

Safeguard Your Professional Integrity. Insurance shopping? We’ve got you covered.

Let’s address the elephant in the office. We know E&O insurance can be perplexing, but we’re here to simplify it for you. Understanding the intricacies of protecting your professional services is crucial, and we can guide you through the key elements that impact your coverage. We partner with numerous insurance providers, ensuring that we’ll find a policy that suits your needs as effortlessly and efficiently as possible.

Shield Your Ontario Business from the Costs of E&O Legal Claims

What if you were accused of a wrongful act in the course of doing business?

Being accused of providing misleading information or inaccurate advice can lead to legal issues. This type of insurance can help cover legal services.

What if you’re accused of misrepresentation?

Someone has accused you of false advertising. At least, insurance can help cover the legal costs.

What if your mistake became a lawsuit?

Mistakes happen. But in business, mistakes can be costly. If someone sues you, insurance can help cover expenses.

Buy Errors & Omissions Insurance

Don’t put your business or professional future at risk by going without errors and omissions insurance. We can help you shop, pick your coverage and secure a policy. Start by getting a quick quote. Our goal is to help make shopping for insurance as smooth, simple and painless as possible.


Why do I need errors and omissions insurance?
Consultants, finance and business professionals, accountants (including bookkeepers and tax preparers), management professionals and many more can all benefit from errors and omissions insurance.

When you are hired for a job, certain results are expected. If you don’t deliver on expectations, fail to provide an adequate service level, or do something that causes a financial loss, your business could be impacted legally and financially.

Don’t risk your business or your professional future by going without errors and omissions insurance. An Insurance Store Specialist can help you shop for the coverage you need, so you can get back to focusing on your business.

What kinds of professional services can be covered?

Errors and omissions insurance is a great fit for lots of different professionals including:

  • Consulting services like business analysis or sales and marketing
  • Finance and accounting services like bookkeeping and tax preparation
  • Media services like graphic design and copywriting
  • Social services like social work and counselling
  • and many more

Talk to one of our Specialists. We’re close by and ready to help. Each package is unique, and some may have more complex insurance needs. Get started with a quick quote now and feel free to call, chat with us, or email with an Insurance Specialist at any point if you have questions.

How much does errors and omissions insurance cost?

An errors and omissions (E&O) insurance premium is customized. The cost of your specific policy depends on factors like your type of business and services, and your amount of liability coverage needed. It’s impacted by any coverage options you select to customize your policy with, including:

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Property Coverage
What information do I need to get a quote?

To get the best price and the right coverage, we’ll need some basic information about you, and the business or professional services you provide. It’s okay, they’re not super hard questions or anything. Questions may include:

  • When would you need your coverage to start?
  • What types of professional services do you provide?
  • What are your liability needs?
  • How many employees does your company have?
  • What is your insurance and claim history?

The types of questions you’ll need to answer may vary depending on your business and the coverages you need.

What do I do if I have to file a claim?

If you need to file a claim, it’s okay, don’t worry, we’ll do it with you. We know accidents and claims happen, we’ve seen and heard it all. As your insurance partner and advocate, we will help you through it. Call us at 1-833-745-0299 and we’ll be here to help you navigate the situation, 24/7.

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