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Get coverage for the things you can see.
And the things you can’t.

We know your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make. You want to be sure it’s protected from the inside out. We can help you find an insurance policy that can give you added protection for the damage or replacement of your utility and service lines. 

Get started with a quick quote and see how we’re making insurance as smooth, simple and painless as possible.

Protect what you love from what you don’t love: the unexpected

What if there was a fire?

A fire accidentally started in your secondary or seasonal home. You’re either not in town or it takes longer for firefighters to arrive. Good thing your insurance policy can help cover repairs.

What if something was damaged?

Unfortunately, these types of situations do happen, but your insurance policy can include coverage to repair the damage, so you don’t have to worry.

What if your vacation home was broken into?

Your personal belongings were damaged. Or worse, taken. Now what? Insurance can help cover those items, so they’re almost as good as new or new-new.

How to make service line insurance work for you

Did you know you’re responsible as a homeowner for all of the utility and service lines on your property? This includes everything from the watermain and electrical lines to sewer lines and cable and internet connections. 

These are not only important to the daily function of our homes and lives, but they can also be very costly to repair and replace if needed. A service line insurance policy can be a small and convenient addition, which can reduce stress should an unexpected event happen, like:


Need your service lines excavated? Your insurance coverage can cover the cost to expose underground service lines that require repair.

Outdoor Property

Suffering from outdoor property damage from service line failure? Things such as trees, plants, shrubs, walkways and driveways can be covered.

Loss of Use

If you can’t stay at your property due to service line damage, your insurance policy may cover the cost of additional living expenses until your home is restored.

Cost of Repair

Over time, service lines can corrode, suffer damage from tree roots or plants, or even get crushed from equipment. A service line insurance policy can cover the extra cost to make temporary repairs. Phew!


Is service line coverage included in my home insurance policy?
One thing you may not have known you were responsible for as a homeowner is all of the utility and service lines on your property. This includes the watermain, electrical lines, sewer lines, and cable and internet connections. 

Coverage for this important equipment on your property is often optional to include, or add to your home insurance policy.  

Our experienced Specialists are happy to help make things easier by helping you look critically at what your home insurance policy covers and adjusting your coverage to fill in the gaps where needed.

What information do I need to get a quote?

To get the best price and the right coverage, we’ll need some basic information about you and where you live. It’s okay, they’re not super hard questions or anything. Questions may include:

  • When would you need your coverage to start?

  • Where is your home located?

  • What is the age of your home? 

  • What is your insurance and claim history?

What does service line insurance cover?

While we don’t often think about the service lines that provide our water, electricity, internet, cable, and sewer connections, it can be very expensive to have these things replaced if something goes wrong. Over time, your lines can get damaged by corrosion, storms, tree roots, or equipment. The good news is that there is the option to include service line insurance as part of your home insurance policy to help cover the costs of damages and repairs. This coverage can include:

The cost of excavation needed to expose damaged underground service lines for repair.

Loss of Use
Additional living expenses if you can’t live in your home because of damage to a service line.

Repair Expenses
The cost to make repairs to non-functional service lines.

Outdoor Property
Outdoor property such as trees, plants, shrubs, walkways and driveways damaged due to a service line failure.

What is the benefit of working with an insurance Specialist?
Like we said, shopping for insurance is not fun. So think of us as your insurance partner. We’ll do everything we can to make getting the right coverage as smooth, simple and painless as possible. We know every insurance situation is unique, so we know the important questions and will learn about you to make sure your policy gives you the protection you need.

We’ll also cut through the industry jargon to make sure you understand your policy, and help you navigate optional coverages to recommend additional options you may want or need. 

With home service line insurance especially, there are a lot of options, and it can be overwhelming to research. An insurance broker will help you build the right policy for your situation. As your needs change, your broker will also help you update your policy, so you stay covered.

An insurance Specialist is also aware of discounts offered by insurance companies and can recommend combining products to save you time and money. In fact, some insurance companies and their products are only available through an insurance broker. Bottom line? We can save you money too.

What do I do if I have to file a claim?

If you need to file a claim, it’s okay, don’t worry, we’ll do it with you. We know accidents and claims happen, we’ve seen and heard it all. As your insurance partner and advocate, we will help you through it. Call us at 1-833-745-0299 and we’ll be here to help you navigate the situation, 24/7.

We love our clients.
Turns out, they love us too.

…thank you for the great service updating my policy and making sure I had the proper coverage…
Carol V.
…an outstanding job of getting the homeowner policy suited to what I needed…
Micki R.

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